What They Say | …subscriber comments

What They Say ...subscriber comments

"My subscribers are a very generous group of people. It has been my honor to spend each session with them throughout the years." - Rod D.

Another customer's comments may describe my service better than I can. I have a variety of subscribers. Many trade anything that moves... from S&P index futures, to whatever contract is currently attracting interest. Other subscribers only daytrade individual stocks, and use my service for timing the intraday market influences. See if any of their comments speak to you.

  • Usually I can't wait for the weekend... but now I can't wait for Monday, thanks Rod!

    George H.

  • Your levels and targets are uncanny, and I would not enter a trade without them on my chart.

    Aidan M.

  • I was unavailable for most of todays session but in one hour you offered me more insight than most offer all day.

    Joe P.

  • You have a gift in using language to capture the forces acting on the market.

    Paul A.

  • Your way of presenting is superb.

    Patrick W.

  • Thanks again for your great job in teaching us live how to trade this market.

    William S.

  • Your charting insights are much appreciated.

    Chris F.

  • I'm glad to have you on my team my trading results have gotten better and better.

    Ahmie B.

  • Signed up for another year. Great service. Best I have ever used in 20 years of trading.

    John S.

  • This chart room is far and away the best thing I have ever run into and I am net, net making good money.

    Jeffrey M.

  • Rod, you will have to tell us where do you get your timing so precisely, astonishing.

    William S.

  • I have been a long time follower of your advice which I always consider amazing and above the crowd.

    Lorraine H.

  • Rod: Thanks for a great week, I seem to learn more and more each day.

    Greg C.

  • Just short concise relevant information necessary to make good trading decisions.

    Ron Y.

  • You've helped me make over 200k last month!! Keep up the good work.

    John T.

  • Thanks Rod...I don't know how anyone could trade in this chaos without you.

    Bruce H.

  • Rod - I have wanted to write to you for a while now just to let you know how much I value your site, work, and tutorials. While I don't use your work solely, which I'm sure you yourself would say is smarter and more practical, I do find it to be the most reliable, and use it the most to confirm my ideas and positions.

    Charles M.

  • Rod, great call identifying the range, reason & likely timing for the prior weekly lows. Thanks! It really is helpful to have an understanding of why something is valid. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Chris F.

  • All I can say it's has been an honour, I use purposely that word , to trade with you. I have learned even so much the last 12 month that I have learned the last 12 years and it's not a joke... your way of working and teaching can be definitely classed as a AAA rating.

    William S.

  • Rod: Thanks for all your help, i continue to amaze myself with the gains and I close out a terrible month for equities with a gain of over 36%, thanks to you and the great charting.

    Greg C.

  • one hell of a day, Rod... 10 pt call after 10 pt call---you da man!

    John W.

  • Rod: Thanks for the week, best trading week ever, with six figure gains on a port. of 200k, I use the OEx and hedge with the weekly oex.

    Greg C.

  • nice rod - beautiful levels - just magic - it's like the whole world listens to you.

    Nic C.

  • Your work is amazing and greatly increases the profits for options trading also.

    Tom S.

  • Wow! You can't beat that accuracy and clarity!

    Roger G.