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What’s On Now …watch these free

“Rod, the daily replay was fantastic. You have made this site even more useful than it has been. Keep up the innovation and good work.” – Ahmie B“I really appreciate your live chart and particularly your insightful interpretations and forecasts.” – Joe A “You have a gift in using language to capture the forces acting on the market.” – Paul A“Your way of presenting is superb.” – Patrick W.

“See how being more aware makes you more profitable, whether you attend the live streaming, or access my growing reference library.” – Rod D.

Following are just several examples of how I use video to share my analysis and insights with subscribers throughout each trading session.

I started my chartroom in March ’08, twelve years after I launched the web’s first trading chat. The chartroom added an entirely new dimension to my market blogging. From pointing out more setups as they occur, to describing more patterns as they develop. From responding in real-time to subscribers’ questions, to teaching new ways to interpret indicators. Watch the 1-minute video below, and click here for more about my chartroom.

“What’s Next…”
My “What’s Next…” daily morning market tour is a must-see to start your trading day right. It is a 15-20 minute live broadcast before the open. I take you into the S&P futures patterns that are defining the session. We map out strategies to exploit the opening 15 minutes of volatility, and identify where to look for breakouts and targets. Subscribers can always retrieve the latest recording. Watch a real sample below, and click here for more about the “What’s Next…” morning market tour.

Since most of my analytical techniques are not mainstream, video helps me to describe what I have discovered. Add my narrative, and you suddenly become more empowered. The following is just one of many examples how I use the RSI technical indicator to anticipate when trending is about to begin, or end, and where Subscribers get it in full-size. Mmy library is growing daily, and includes my proprietary setups you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re going to have an edge over more seasoned traders and automated programs, then you’ll need a fresh perspective. And the best way to internalize a fresh perspective is through video and audio presentation. Below is but one video example of the fresh perspective you can learn to understand market behavior more clearly than others. Click here for a list of my other unique approaches.

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