Morning Bias

TUE morning signal (triggered at 10:15 ET) SPX ES
Bias-up: above  2356.50 2355.00
...would target  2362.50  2361.00
Bias-down: under  2349.00  2347.50
...would target 2344.00  2342.50
Signal status: waiting for trigger FAQ
INTRO VIDEOS #1 and #2

1. At 10:15, trading above the bias-up signal or under the bias-down signal would put into play a test of its bias-up or bias-down target.
2. Not triggering either bias signal at 10:15 would be "no-bias," and the bias signals should define the bias environment's range.
-- A test of the opposite bias signal would be targeted if one bias signal was tested before triggering no-bias.
3. Touching the bias signal within 3 minutes either way of 10:15 would invoke a grace period through 10:30 to trigger a late signal.
-- "Late" signals don't require testing the opposite bias signal, but it's still likely.
4. Still testing the bias signal at 10:30 after invoking the grace period would trigger "noN-bias," with no bias influence.

Market Wrap (recording & summary)

Trending up from Friday’s morning bias environment low at 2337.75 extended higher through each remaining timing window. Fresh session highs were probed all the way through the close. The morning’s bias objective to test 2348.25 was pierced by 2 ticks. No “unfinished business above” was left outstanding. It was a new trend high close, on a […]

Pre-close View… Bias-on.

REMINDER: MARKET WRAP BEGINS AT 3:33pm ET. This morning’s no-bias had triggered after testing the 2339.75 bias-down signal. And not by a little. Despite bouncing up to 2343.25, the open’s 2337.25 low was attacked to within 2 points. But the mid-morning dip to 2337.75 held, as was likely, being a no-bias environment. Price action since exiting […]

Afternoon Bias

FRI afternoon signal (triggered at 1:20 ET) SPX ES Bias-up: above  2344.75 2343.00 …would target  2350.00  2348.25 Bias-down: under  2338.25  2336.50 …would target 2333.50  2331.50 Signal status: NO-BIAS FAQ INTRO VIDEOS #1 and #2 1. At 1:20, trading above the bias-up signal or under the bias-down signal would put into play a test of its bias-up […]

Post-open Review… Laying the groundwork.

Holding support before this afternoon’s WedEX. Yesterday’s 2336.75 low had been attacked to within 1 tick overnight. It was pierced by 1 point before the open. It was touched only two minutes before the open, and held. That’s just noise, and not stretching the rubber band so it can snap back up. Its reaction was likely […]

The First Trade & Pre-open Tour Recording…

Proper context can start the day with a solid win and make all the difference. NEW DAILY SCHEDULE First, watch the pre-open Tour recording HERE <<== Then, meet in the chaRTroom here by 9:15 ET for updates and Q&A In this morning’s pre-market Tour, I listed the incorrect econ reports for today. They are post-open, […]