Daily ES Signals


Upgrade to my chaRTroom add-on to see the signals in real-time. I annotate them on a live chart, while fully describing the methodology behind it. It's a practical learning lab, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and to comment. Each session's charts is appended below.

  • Line segments (blue, green, red) were placed on the chart before price action ever got there.
         These "inflection points" anticipate specific behavior.

  • Signals are blue segments, and remain on the chart whether or not triggered.
         Signals with arrows were probed beyond 3 ticks past 3 minutes.
  • "Reaction limits" (green or red segments) identify if the signal's momentum remains intact.
         The first 3-minute probe of at least 3 ticks must hold.
  • Signals and limits offer guidance to traders for placing their entries and stops.
         One's own risk tolerance helps to define the trading strategy.

Signals for ES on Jun 9, 2017

Friday's 4 positions caught at almost 40 points combined. Gapping up dipped back down to barely touch a buy signal at 2433.25-2433.75. Its reaction up extended to its penultimate target at 2443.50, which clearly intended to contain the morning's rally. The reversal intent wasn't identified immediately, but triggering it under 2440.00 soon probed its 2436.00-2437.00 target. The next lower target at 2419.25 was probed by nearly 4 points. Another reaction reaction up triggered a buy signal at 2421.00 , probing 2429.00 before the close.

Signals for ES on Jun 8, 2017

Rolling the front-month quickly found sellers that triggered sell signals under 2429.00 down to a shallow target under 2425.75. The target's reaction quickly triggered a buy signal at 2428.00 and at 2433.00 that produced fresh highs at 2436.50. Sell signals under 2433.00 caught the move back down to the morning's lows.

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