Daily ES Signals


Upgrade to my chaRTroom add-on to see the signals in real-time. I annotate them on a live chart, while fully describing the methodology behind it. It's a practical learning lab, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and to comment. Each session's charts is appended below.

  • Line segments (blue, green, red) were placed on the chart before price action ever got there.
         These "inflection points" anticipate specific behavior.

  • Signals are blue segments, and remain on the chart whether or not triggered.
         Signals with arrows were probed beyond 3 ticks past 3 minutes.
  • "Reaction limits" (green or red segments) identify if the signal's momentum remains intact.
         The first 3-minute probe of at least 3 ticks must hold.
  • Signals and limits offer guidance to traders for placing their entries and stops.
         One's own risk tolerance helps to define the trading strategy.

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