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"Your levels and targets are uncanny, and I would not enter a trade without them on my chart." - Aidan M... "Just short concise relevant information necessary to make good trading decisions." - Ron Y... “I do find it to be the most reliable, and use it the most to confirm my ideas and positions.” - Charles M.

"Arm yourself with a reasoned opinion, and with the specifics that help you decide how to trade it." – Rod D.

I post to my blog 8-10 times every day, helping you to ignore the noise and focus on what is relevant. Each update is part of a running narrative that never skips a beat, telling you what price action to expect, and what not to.

A daily “Trading Plan” is posted to the blog after each session to prepare you for the next trading day. Intraday trending is forecasted by precise bias parameters. Click here to start a free trialAn overnight update tells you how the Globex session is confirming or altering the plan.

My daily coverage is focused on S&P E-mini. But you can apply the idea flow to anything that is derived from the S&P 500 - including futures (SP, ES), ETFs (SPY), options (SPX), and other indexes. Regular updates also cover metals, energies and rates.

Whatever you trade, your decision is better informed after reading my latest. From color commentary, to specific actionable parameters, each blog post is a concise snapshot of the market’s near-term outlook.

Even if you're not in front of the market, I'll put the market in front of you. Get my blog updates emailed to you for free. I have published my market analysis daily on the web since 1995. Come see how my opinion and idea flow can enhance your trading style and objectives. (See the daily schedule shown to the right? Click on it for more information.)

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