“This chart room is far and away the best thing I have ever run into and I am net, net making good money.” – Jeffrey M“It is very useful to have the price action chart with your technical work right there.” – George L “Your work is not only outstanding but highly entertaining.” – Nic C.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then adding audio can be worth thousands of dollars.” – Rod D.

Start anticipating S&P 500 intraday moves before their breakouts. Start making better informed trading decisions.

Join me in my chartroom all day, every day. Watch and listen in real-time as we define each pattern while it develops. See my precise measurements that identify breakouts, targets and retracement limits. Make your trading decisions more informed.

The more actively you trade, the more you need my chartroom. Its audio and visuals give you a fast path to understand my setups and patterns. Click here to start a free trialYou’ll learn more easily how technical indicators can improve your profitability.

My chartroom’s format gives you the ultimate support for your trading decisions. You can see me outline patterns as they form, and discuss how to apply some of my methods that identify relevant price points.

You’ll know well in advance where to anticipate a breakout and its timing – the intended target, and the likely path getting there. All while chatting with me and with other subscribers.

Some intraday situations form too quickly for publishing to the blog. The chartroom’s live, real-time guidance can prove itself invaluable by catching more of those opportunities.

A chartroom subscription lets you attend the daily “What’s Next…” tour while it is being recorded. During the day, you can ask at any time for an instant analysis of any market. And you’ll be there for closing comments that review all of my coverage, before overnight sessions begin. (See the daily schedule shown to the right? Click on it for more information.)

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