Roadmap Starting Point

Eight posts and two videos daily keep a running narrative of current strategy and analysis for S&P e-mini (ES), bias parameters, plus swing trade setups in Metals, Energies, Rates and more.

Pattern analysis and chart reading techniques, with real-time setups
(requires add-on subscription)

[5:55] Identifies bias parameters that will be triggered at 10:15am

[7:30am] Recaps bigger picture influences and overnight action’s impact, describes trading strategy — with Video

[10:30am] Describes how the opening action may affect or adjust today’s strategy and expectations

[noon] Identifies the bias parameters that will be triggered at 1:20pm

[12:34pm] Lists next day’s economic reports and events, and how they may impact price action

[1:30pm] Describes patterns that formed in the morning, and how they may influence afternoon action

[2:22pm] Summarizes patterns and setups among Metals, Energies, Rates, and more

[4:32pm] Updates the ES bigger picture, and reviews Daily Spot futures — with Video

[5:55pm] Identifies next morning’s bias parameters that will be triggered at 10:15am

[9:30am] Review the bigger picture and examples of the methodology in action, discuss possible strategies for Sunday night’s Globex open, take “instant chart analysis” requests for stocks