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Welcome to If, Then Market Timing. The service is comprised of many parts, but only two levels. Its first level is primarily delivered through about ten blog posts daily. Their schedule is below. I recommend having the posts emailed to you automatically when I post them, saving you from having to check the blog manually. Two of the posts are of the next timing window’s bias parameters, for which some descriptive videos are linked below. Other posts describe the market’s predictive behavior, detailing what resolutions might be expected.

Active traders should get the chaRTroom add-on, which is a real-time ongoing webinar. Most of the setups identified there develop too quickly for the blog’s descriptive pace. Its links are provided in each morning’s first blog post.

Blog Post Schedule…

Early morning… The First Trade
Pre-open… Market Tour
10:30… Post-open Review
noon… PM Bias
12:34… Econ Calendar
noon hour… Mid-day summary
afternoon… Daily Spot
final hour… Pre-close View
post-close… Market Wrap
post-close… AM Bias for next day

Entries above in bold are linked to that post’s category of its recent posts.

Wednesday Workshop Schedule

Workshops are held once weekly to review concepts of the methodology, or aspects of applying it. Following is the workshop list, with two recordings available currently:

Bias Parameters
Strategies and Tactics

Introductory Tour (first Tuesday)
The Time/Price concept
Bias Parameters overview
Legend elements
Trading Plan applications
Tactical basics
Bias Parameters setups
Tactical strategies

Bias Parameters tutorials

Two quick videos, and a discussion
Video library of example setups