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What I Do …more than patterns

“I really like your terminology in describing the movement of the market. Traction, gaining control, bias up-down, etc. I can identify with that.” – Johnny M“I have learned so much from you, and even more about myself (as Van Tharp would say.) Truly, this has been an incredible (and profitable) experience.” John D “Your charting insights are much appreciated.” – Chris F.

“My methods are based on charting and technical analysis, and generally unavailable elsewhere. I share many of my analytical techniques with subscribers.” – Rod D.


I have developed techniques that calculate precise targets to better assess a situation’s risk:reward ratio. These techniques are based on my own work in Charting and Technical Analysis.

I use the same techniques to calculate maximum pullback limits that allow the trend’s momentum to remain intact. I also apply unique methods to interpret technical indicators such as RSI and MACD that help to assess a trend’s strength.

And I share much of this with subscribers, in real-time throughout each session.

“Charting” is patterns. Price movements and consolidations form patterns and setups. “Technical Analysis” is a variety of formulae. By manipulating price and volume data, these indicators can reflect a trend’s changing strength, and more.

Charting and Technical Analysis focus on price action. They are common denominators that cut across industry and markets. These approaches are criticized by those who don’t understand their proper applications, or their limitations when misapplied. Andy they are criticized by bigger players that want to limit your ability to compete against them effectively.

My approach has been to document the progression of various patterns and their indicators. As each step unfolds, fewer possible outcomes remain. This process of elimination eventually leaves only one or two highly likely resolutions.

My “templates” gradually give me confidence to anticipate a likely outcome in time to position for it. I don’t expect any template to be perfectly predictable, just highly dependable.


Most of my concepts are unique, or have a unique application: Bias Parameters, Timing Windows, RSI signals, Fibonacci retracement calculations , inflection points, unfinished business, trendline drawing. Some terms may be familiar, but my usage probably is not.

Every day, all day long, I apply my analysis in real-time. I show subscribers how a market’s behavior tells us where buyers and sellers are fighting for control, how to anticipate who will win, and what is the likely price objective.

The market is an ongoing stream of opportunities for me to demonstrate a variety of analytical techniques that aren’t available elsewhere. All with the goal of helping you to interpret price action’s clues so you can be more confident expecting what’s next.

Subscribers can ask any question at any time about my own techniques and their own, on S&P E-minis, and other markets.

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