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"Signed up for another year. Great service. Best I have ever used in 20 years of trading." - John S...

"I'm glad to have you on my team, my trading results have gotten better and better." - Ahmie B...

"Thanks again for your great job in teaching us live how to trade this market." - William S.

My blog's cost equates to less than 2 ES ticks ($50) per week. Only 2 ticks more to add the chartroom. My goal is to give you at least that much value each trading day. - Rod D.



I offer two subscription choices, either to my blog alone, or to the blog plus my chartroom.

My BLOG... $175 per four weeks

Subscribe to my blog, which I update 8-10 times every day. It is designed to support your intraday trading decisions, helping you choose whether to be long or short, and when to consider entry or exit. From color commentary, to specific actionable parameters, each posting is a comprehensive snapshot of the market's current situation.

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...Plus CHARTROOM... $200 per four weeks

Add my chartroom for a real-time time audio and visual format, the ultimate support for your trading decisions. See me outline patterns as they form, and learn my proprietary methods to anticipate breakouts and to identify targets. Also, talk directly with me and with other subscribers.

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My intraday analysis of the S&P 500 can be applied to any of its derivatives, including futures (SP), E-mini futures (ES), ETFs (SPY), and options (SPX).

Daily coverage also includes Gold, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, the Dollar and the 30-year Treasury bond. Subscribers may request an analysis of any market at any time.

Trade stocks only? So do other subscribers, who take my service to know where the market is vulnerable intraday to twist and turns.

Also, Wednesday afternoon's "Stock-Up" is an open forum in the chartroom when subscribers ask me for instant analysis of any stock's chart.



Click here to start a free trialI strongly suggest that you take BOTH my blog and chartroom.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then adding audio can be worth thousands of dollars.

Watch and listen in real-time as we define each pattern while it develops. See my precise measurements that identify breakouts, targets and retracement limits, and learn about my methodologies. Make your trading decisions more informed.

Some intraday situations form too quickly for publishing to the blog. The chartroom's live, real-time guidance can prove itself invaluable by catching more of those opportunities.

Click here to start a free trialA chartroom subscription lets you attend each morning's "What's Next..." market tour while it is being recorded.

During the day, you can ask me at any time for an instant analysis of any market. And you'll be there for the "Markets on Close" wrap that reviews all of my coverage, before the overnight session begin.

Make the most of your free week, log-in daily to the chartroom, too.



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